Mind, Body & Spirit Therapy

Access bars

60min I $100.00

The bars are 32 points in your brain where you have stored all your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations and emotions that you thought were important right from childhood sometimes even from lifetime to lifetime. When you have your bars run it is like hitting delete on everything you have stored. At the least you will feel like you have just had an 8 hour sleep, at the most your whole life will change.

Soul therapy balance

90min I $180.00

Colour therapy is holistic healing in a non intrusive way. It is the healing of the mind, body & spirit. Colour therapy regenerates, revitalises and rebalances the aura. Our sub conscious mind knows us better than any therapist or doctor ever could. Using kinesiology we can tap into the body’s wisdom to create harmony & healing. This is a spiritual treatment using a range of different practices to leave you feeling in control again and at ease. (This includes take home remedies) 


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